Trampoline Safety Advice

Trampoline Safety: Important Safety Guidelines

As responsible manufacturers TP think it is important to highlight important safety issues you should take into account when considering the purchase of a large trampoline. Using your trampoline without due regard to them can result in serious accidents. Every large TP trampoline is supplied with safety guidelines.

Trampoline safety checklist

1. Check your trampoline before every use. Check that the mat and frame are not damaged and the pads are securely in place.

2. Supervise your children at all times when they are using the trampoline. Make sure they understand the risks of not using it properly.

3.Only children aged 6 years and over should use a large trampoline.

4. Ensure children remove jewellery and clothing that may catch.

5. Children should bounce in the middle of the trampoline and should never jump off the trampoline. Instead they should stop bouncing and then climb down.

6. Only allow one person at a time on your trampoline. Children will want to bounce together. The quality construction of TP Trampoline frames, springs, mats and pads result in weight recommendations that make that easily possible. However evidence from published international studies show that multiple person use of any large trampoline, whatever its size, shape or make, is potentially dangerous and the major cause of accidents on trampolines. It can result in collisions or falls due to the bounce of one person de-stabilising another, especially where there is a significant weight difference between the jumpers.

7. Do not attempt somersaults or advanced moves without qualified supervision. Landing on the head or neck can cause very serious injuries.

8. Ensure children stand back from the trampoline when someone else is jumping. Also never allow anyone underneath the trampoline whilst it is in use.

9. Use your trampoline with a TP Bounce Surround, particularly with younger children who cannot control their bounce.

10.Choose an area for your trampoline free from hazards - a 2.5 metre clear zone all around. Place the trampoline on soft energy absorbing ground.

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